Life On Other Worlds – Life Around Other Stars


he finest minds in SCIENCE circa 1950 didn’t limit themselves to life forms on the planets around the sun. No, they speculated grandly about the forms of life that inhabit the worlds around other stars then our own.

Here is Frank R Paul’s interpretation of life on the worlds of Rigel.

The worlds of Aldebaran

The worlds of Alphecca


The worlds of Antares


The worlds of Betelgeuse. (and no, it’s not pronounced beetle juice)

The worlds of Mizar

The worlds of a star near the Great Nebula in Orion.

The worlds of a star near the Andromeda Galaxy.

As usual, here are the authoritative and extensively researched works on the Mystery Planets by the lecturers from the SCIENCE department at Planet Comics.


Planet Comics at The Digital Comic Museum

Planet Comics at Amazon

Fantastic Adventures at the Internet Archive

Fantastic Adventures at Amazon


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