Life On Other Worlds – Uranus



The seventh planet from the sun is our next stop while examination of life on other worlds as determined by the finest minds in SCIENCE circa 1950. (try to pronounce it as ur-an-us and not ur-anus because that’s just uncouth.)

Here is Frank R Paul’s interpretation of life on Uranus.

As usual, here are the authoritative and extensively researched works by the lecturers from the SCIENCE department at Planet Comics.


You know what, if you learn nothing else about life on other planets know this, those earth women are tough. Intrepid Earthmen exploring space have to have armored space suits and heavily insulated thermal underwear to withstand the rigors of outerspace, But those earth girls can get by with just a little bit of cloth and a smile.

Planet Comics at The Digital Comic Museum

Planet Comics at Amazon

Fantastic Adventures at the Internet Archive

Fantastic Adventures at Amazon

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