Astronaut’s Space Map

A is for Alien


stronaut’s Space Map


Here is a 1961 General Food Astronaut’s Space Map which you received free with every purchase of Gravy Train Dog Food.  And no, I’m not kidding about the dog food. John Glenn had one of these framed in his personal collection of memorabilia. See Here

This colorful map show the planets in living color as well as information on other astronomical objects of interest to the casual space traveler.

This information includes,

  1. The minimum distance between the Earth and other Planets
  2. Each Planets Maximum temperature.
  3. How much a 100 pound man would weight on the surface of each planet.
  4. The length of each planets day and year.
  5. The number of moons.

A Mercury Space Capsule and Astronaut are also illustrated.

Copies of this can be purchased at David Rumsey Map Collection



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