Black Amazon of Mars

Black Amazon of Mars

Black Amazon of Mars


lack Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett was first published in Planet Stories of March 1951.

The story was later expanded and republished as The People of the Talisman in 1964.

This is one of several adventures of Brackett’s hard boiled interplanetary tough guy Eric John Stark.

Orphaned on Mercury and adopted by Mercurian aborigines before being captured by humans, Stark treks though the solar system and beyond.

On Mars, Stark had been a mercenary on the losing side of a guerrilla war. His companion Camar, has been mortally wounded in the campaign and wants to return home to Kushat before he dies. In their way lie an army of Mekh tribesmen under the command of Ciaran, the titular Black Amazon of Mars.

I love this picture.

A beautiful woman in almost practical scale mail armor swinging an axe.

The writhing tentaculared things grasping at her.

The giant idol and gated walls in the background.

The only problems is, what’s up with the suspenders on the guy with the sword?¬† Because that’s just weird.

The story can be found at the Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, and of course, Amazon



The Science Fiction Alphabet – The Collected Set

F is for Forbiden Planet


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