World Without End








n the year 1956 the first manned expedition to the planet Mars was pulled into a space warp accelerating them through the Time Barrier leaving it’s crew stranded 552 years in the future where they encounter the leggy cocktail waitresses of the future.

Nancy Gates - Garnet


World Without End.  Starring Hugh Marlowe, Nancy Gates, and Rod Taylor.  Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures and filmed in CinemaScope Technicolor from 1956.

You can buy it here. TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Sci-Fi Adventures (Them! / The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms / World Without End / Satellite in the Sky)

The movie starts off with a bang.


Why? Because every SciFi movie in the 50’s has to have atomic bombs in there somewhere. It’s a zeitgeist thing.

While in orbit around Mars our quartet of heroes lose contact with mission control.


Flight to Mars rocket with roomy interior and barcalounger space chairs.

After they finish mapping the planet worldwithoutend-Scanning-Mars

they depart for Earth using the rocket ship footage from 1951’s Flight to Mars


While returning to Earth they encounter a mysterious space warp that hurls them through the Time Barrier.


Causing them to crash in a region of snow covered mountains.


They are unable to contact anyone by radio so they start a trek across country in search of life and civilization.


Now everyone be sure to remember where we parked.

After detecting elevated levels of background radiation they come across a graveyard with head stones dating from the late 20th to early 22nd centuries.


Alas poor Edward, I knew him Herb.


From these facts they deduce they have been hurled far into the future. The elevated background radiation also suggest to them that a atomic war has taken place sometime in the past.

Searching for remnants of civilization they encounter the usual post atomic cliches.  Namely mutants. Pronounced in this film as “Mutates.”

The first mutate they come across are the Giant Spiders who also make a appearance in Missile to the Moon, Cat-Women of the Moonand Queen Of Outer Space.



Then they encounter the local mutate home owners association which didn’t care to have their kind moving into the neighborhood.

World Without End mutate beasts


Driven off by the mutated humans, they find a cave where the the inheritors of 10,000 years of human civilization live in comfort and ease.


Namely these guys. The council of nerds


“And it just not this stupid hat, I tell ya these tights are ridding up on me something fierce.” “Dude, TMI, not cool.”

And the survivors from the local beauty academy.


Our ancestors may have gone through atomic hell but we’ll be damned if our hair and makeup aren’t perfect.

This movie has everything.

Pretty Girls.


Manly men.


Rod Taylor doing Captain Kirk proud.

worldwithoutend-Topless worldwithoutend-Beefcake2

“My, you are more muscular then our men!” [Note: This is a actual quote from this movie’s dialog. Strangely enough Sam Peckinpah is listed as the dialog director in IMDB]

Philosophical discussions on the nature of man. [Nah, I’m just kidding.]

“Hey big boy, I’m over here.”


There’s Romance

“It a impressive society you have here Garnet. Geothermal power, Hydroponic food supply. Plastic and other synthetics for clothing and building materials. Everything a modern man needs.”


“Yes, it’s nice. Would you like to take a walk with me in the moon light?”



“Let me change into something more comfortable and I’ll meet you outside.”


“It’s a nice night.”

“Yes it is.”

“Do you like my dress.”




“Do you think I’m as beautiful as the girls in the 20th century.”


“Garnet, I’ don’t want to lead you on. I may have to..”


“Shut up and ravish me you fool.”


More Pretty Girls in short skirts.

worldwithoutend-Romance5  worldwithoutend-BP  worldwithoutend-Cheesecake3

Actually there are a lot of pretty girls in short skirts. Not as many as in Queen of Outer Space but still, there’s a lot.

There’s also the occasional act of genocide.


“Well, were off to slaughter the mutates.” [Note: Not actual dialog from the movie.]

World Without EndBazooka

“With a bazooka.”

And they finish up with a hand to hand fight with this guy.


So all in all, it’s a fun time to be had by all.

Also, somehow Alberto Vargas got pulled in to make pinups of the future for this movie.


I forgot where I was going with this.

Anyway, below are more lobby cards for the movie most of which feature pretty girls in short skirts.

worldwithoutend-Offtoslaughterthemutants4 worldwithoutend-attack3 worldwithoutend-hydroponics2    worldwithoutend-Council3 worldwithoutend-Offtoslaughterthemutants2 worldwithoutend-Offtoslaughterthemutants3 worldwithoutend-romance6 worldwithoutend-Romance7 worldwithoutend-Romance8  worldwithoutend-attack2

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